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KPN Wasp Nest Removal have over 20 years experience providing wasp nest removal services. KPN have never failed to treat a wasp nest yet no matter where it's location.

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Wasp Nest Removal
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Wasp Removal
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Wasp nest treatment should only be carried out by trained pest control experts.
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KPN Wasp Nest Removal
The queen wasps usually come out of hibernation in the spring when the weather starts to warm up, April time generally.

The Queen Wasp leaves the place she's been hibernating in & goes off to search for a suitable place to build her own nest. There are only queen wasps around at this time.

Once a suitable site has been found the queen wasp will start building her nest, she does this by stripping wood from fences, rafters and such like, and mixing it with her saliva to make a pulp. She attaches this to something sturdy where the nest is to be built. The first part of the nest she builds is a stalk shaped pole called a petiole which is the centre of the nest. She then attaches cells, about thirty or so, to the petiole. Once this is done it will be time for the queen wasp to start laying her eggs.

Queen wasps in Surrey will all be female & have the potential themselves of becoming queens in case anything happens to the original queen. The queen is in complete control of the sex of her young. When the eggs hatch the queen will forage for food to feed the larvae.

Wasp Nests Removal Facts a few weeks later the first wasps are ready to take over the duties of building the nest and feeding the new larvae that the queen will devote her entire time producing. All worker wasps are female and they now have to carry on building the nest so it can grow, the queen is able to lay about 100 eggs a day, so it is essential to enlarge the nest.as soon as possible. They also have to feed the larvae, once the larvae are fed, a sweet substance is secreted and the adult Wasp feeds on this sweet substance, a reward if you like, keeping harmony in the nest. Another vital role for the worker Wasps is to collect water, not only for drinking but to help keeping the nest cool in the summer months. A Wasp’s wings never stop moving so this too helps keep the nest cool, acting almost like a fan.

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About September time the queen will start laying only future queen and drone (male unfertilised) eggs. A queen can produce up to 2000 potential new queens for the next year. These queens and drones will then leave the nest to find a mate, (not with each other), the drone, once mated will die. The queens will go and find somewhere to hibernate for the winter so that the whole cycle can be repeated again the next year.

Wasp Nests Removal - Hornets also this cycle is continued until the nest reaches its optimum size, anywhere between 2000 and 20000 wasps, even larger in some cases.

" Wasp Nests can be home to 2000 to 20,000 wasps "

Excellent feedback for KPN
Checkatrade.com is the South’s leading consumer feedback site, where customers can leave their revues about any tradesmen they have used. Currently KPN wasps nest have had over 190 revues and score an impressive 10/10 for all aspects of work undertaken, including professionalism, customer satisfaction and price. You can read our genuine customer feedback there. So whether you need wasp nest removal Crawley, Croydon, Guildford, or Surrey, KPN can remove these annoying summer pests from your home and garden quickly & safely.

Wasp nests can grow at an alarming rate; the Queen is capable of producing over 100 new eggs every single day, so a wasp nest left for two weeks is an extra 1400 wasps to deal with. A wasp nest can quite easily grow to the size of an armchair and should only be dealt with by an experienced wasp control technician.

Certain powders are harmful Industrial strength pesticides, needed for safe, effective wasp and hornet control, require training and understanding. All technicians who work for KPN wasp nest removal undergo extensive training within our company, essential to carry out safe, humane wasp control treatments. Some pesticides can be harmful to bees, bats and fish but with our knowledge the correct solution can be applied.

Why use KPN Wasp nest removal?
KPN are BPCA members & are fully licensed to legally carry out wasp control treatments. We are members of the local councils “Buy with confidence scheme”. We are VAT registered, indicating the experience held in wasp nest removal and all personnel are CRB checked. KPN are also members of Checkatrade, with over 190 genuine revues from genuine customers. We only charge £65 & offer a 50% discount on any extra nests found during our visit. If you are not vat registered then we also pay the VAT for you, and all this comes with our ever popular downloadable 100% Guarantee, giving you peace of mind, that this summer, you will be wasp nest free.

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KPN woulld like to point out that no other type of pest control is supplied, only wasp nest removal & hornet control. KPN have tried to provide other pest control options for you in other areas.

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