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If you have been stung by a wasp, bee or hornet, KPN have provided a break down of simple wasp sting techniques. Please note: always seek medical advice if in any doubt, please follow the KPN advice at your own discretion.
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Stinging insects carry health risks to you & your family. Get rid of wasp nests safely with KPN.
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are fully trained & to service clients in the Croydon & Surrey areas. KPN offer an excellent guarantee for all your wasp nest treatments.

Wasps come out of hibernation in the early spring and the first signs of an active nest are not usually until about June, however wasps don’t really become aggressive until later on in the season. It is after the Queen has stopped producing eggs that the wasps go in search of sweet foods. (See info page). In their quest for sweetness, wasps start eating fallen rotting fruit, and because this fruit ferments, the wasps become drunk on it and start stinging anything that moves. If you are stung by a wasp, hornet or bee then there are a few notes below worth following.

Wasp stings & treatments If you have been stung by a wasp, the effects although unpleasant are less harmful than a bee sting. The wasp does have barbs on its stinger but they are very small and therefore rarely stay in the skin. The best treatment for wasp stings is vinegar as this helps neutralizethe alkali in the venom, the pain will usually subside after an hour or so and any swelling should go down. In very rare cases you could suffer from anaphylactic shock and this requires medical treatment immediately, anaphylactic shock can occur at any stage in your life even if you’ve been stung before and were fine, many beekeepers have been stung hundreds of times and yet can suddenly suffer with anaphylactic shock. This leads to several deaths every year in the UK.

Bee stings & remedies Bee stings differ to wasp stings because the sting is left behind. You need to remove the sting as soon as possible to stop the venom being released. Do not try to suck the sting out, as popularly believed, this actually helps to release the venom into the bloodstream. Use a flat object & ease the sting back out towards the point of entry. Once the sting is removed apply cold water or an ice pack. It takes longer than a wasp sting for the pain to ease, about 3 hours on average. The swelling can continue for a few days but any longer than a week then you should consult your doctor.

Hornet stings& therapies Hornets are not as aggressive as the wasp but you really do not want to be stung by one. Hornet stings are similar to wasp stings, in the fact that the stinger doesn'tt stay under the skin, however, although no more venomous than a wasp sting, it is far more painful because the stinger is long enough to penetrate the muscle. South of England and spot a Giant Asian Hornet then please call us and we will deal with them free of charge.

Cold water or an ice pack will help ease the pain & also an antihistamine medication like Benadryl can help. The most venomous sting comes from the infamous “Asian Giant Hornet” not in the UK yet but it is highly probable that it will be within the next few years or so as temperatures get warmer it has already been introduced into France. If you live in the South of England & spot a Giant Asian Hornet then please call us & we will deal with them free of charge.

Certain powders are harmful all wasp, bee and hornet stings can cause anaphylactic shock, if you or someone else has been stung and are struggling with breathing, then medical assistance is required immediately. This really can be fatal & time is of the utmost importance. Please remember, allergies to stings can start at any time.

Prevention It is not easy to avoid wasps during the summer months, but to give yourself a chance of not getting stung here are a few tips. Wasps are attracted to bright colours and sweet scents, so try to wear something dark, only use non scented deodorants, avoid scented cosmetics and do not wear perfumes or aftershaves.

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If a wasp is hovering nearby, do not jump about, waving your arms around hysteria, this will only make the wasp feel threatened & it is far more likely to sting than fly away. Try to stay calm, if the wasp insists you are the one, & continues to hover too close for comfort, then edge away slowly, keeping away until the wasp moves on.

Wasp nest removal adivce Although not advisable, if you do try to destroy a wasp nest yourself always make sure you are wearing the correct protective clothing, one sting will alert other wasps in the nest to attack & quickly you can have thousands of wasps around you. Wasps, bee’s & hornet’s sting when they think they are under threat, they leave a pheromone when stinging which tells the rest of the colony to defend the nest. Never try to burn a nest or block the entrance you think the wasps are using, this makes them very confused & hostile, as wasps can chew through brick, they will find another way out, quite often through your house., you really do not want thousands of irate wasps in your bedroom.

Products bought in shops to treat nests are nowhere near as strong or effective as professional insecticides, so you could have thousands of very angry wasps around for quite a long time after treatment.

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