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Epsom technicians & fully guaranteed work "
KPN Wasp Nest Removal has been safely treating wasp nests and hornet nests in Epsom and Ewell for well over twenty years and we have a 100% success rate when it comes to wasps and hornets.
You can read the KPN wasp nest removal guarantee by clicking here.
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Wasp Nest Removal
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Training & experience is required for safe wasp nest removal
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KPN guarantee their work 100% - download the guarantee doc now
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Wasp Stings
Wasp stings are not just painful in some cases can be fatal.

Wasp Nest Removal Bromley
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High Risk
Do not attempt to remove a wasp nest your self – It really is highly dangerous.
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KPN Wasp Nest Removal
will do our best to offer you a same day service depending on the time of your call, but KPN guarantee we can leave you wasp nest free within 24 hours.

Wasp Nest Removal All wasp nest and hornet nest treatments are covered by our very popular downloadable 100% guarantee.

Showing experience many companies advertise that there is no Vat to be added, KPN wasp nest removal are Vat registered, this should indicate the vast amount of experience KPN has. Wasp nests in Epsom can contain as many as 50,000 wasps, and hornet nests can contain more than 1,000 hornets, both will attack in very large swarms if not treated correctly. Experience is absolutely essential when dealing with something so volatile and highly dangerous. However, if you are not registered for VAT – KPN will pay the VAT for you.

There are many different treatments available on the professional market for the treatment of wasp nests, from aerosols to residual dusts. Each wasp nest needs to be evaluated in its own right to determine the best solution to the problem. KPN wasp nest removal most commonly use an industrial strength pesticide called Ficam D which is applied to the entrance of the nest. Ficam D contains an anaesthetic which will stop wasps from becoming agitated & therefore KPN will never cause a swarm or an attack.

Epsom wasp nest removal are members of Checkatrade.com, this is a genuine review site, and here you will find over 190 feedback review submissions from previous KPN wasp nest removal customers. To date KPN are proud to of scored an unbeatable ten out of ten on all aspects of the work carried out including workmanship, politeness, customer satisfaction and price.

KPN wasp nest removal have well over twenty years’ worth of invaluable experience when dealing with wasp nests and hornet nests. We differ to other pest control companies because we only treat wasps & hornets, so not only do KPN have an unrivalled knowledge & awareness of them, we can also give you a much quicker response time, leaving you wasp free within 24 hours.
Bees, fish and bats need to be taken into consideration when wasp nest treatments are applied, certain poisons can be detrimental to all three species. Bees can get contaminated and could wipe out their entire hive, fish can become sick and even die if ponds are not taken into account, and bats, which are protected by law, can also be harmed if treatments are not properly administered. KPN wasp nest removal are very experienced in these matters, we will always take the above seriously and will always apply responsible treatments.

KPN wasp nest removal are proud to support the BBKA (British Bee Keepers Association) and will not destroy honeybees unless absolutely necessary. If you have a swarm of honeybees around your property then please see our Bee information page where we have a list of local Honeybee swarm collectors. If you are not sure whether you have wasps or bees then please see our identification page. Please note Bee keepers are unable to remove Bumble Bees.

If you discover that you are unlucky enough to have a wasp nest on or around your home then why not give us a call. Not only are all of KPN wasp nest removal treatments guaranteed, but KPN will also carry out a survey of your property for you free of charge to ensure there are no other wasp or hornet nests on your property. If any extra nests were to be found then these would only be charged at half price.

"Wasp Nest Removal Epsom & expertly removed"

Who do you choose for your wasp nest removal – KPN are fully insured, council approved, BPCA (British Pest Control Association) members, CRB checked, Checkatrade members and offer a genuine 100% guarantee. KPN are a local, friendly & VAT registered company who have an abundance of experience dealing with wasps and hornets alike. KPN will never charge more than £65 for wasp or hornet nests, no matter where their location & if any extra nests were found whilst on your property then KPN would charge these at half price. A risk assessment is always carried out first, only safe & humane treatments are ever applied and with our vast amount of experience you and your family’s well-being are assured when using KPN wasp nest removal.

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KPN were with me in less than half an hour and treated two nests for me. They even only charged me half price for the second nest. Excellent service
Mr Petersfield– Tadworth

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