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"Professional & 100% guaranteed service"
KPN wasp control are able to keep their prices low and can compete on price with companies who have less experience & are not VAT registered simply because of the number of wasp nests treated by us each year. With KPN you get the essential experience needed & we also pay the VAT for you!.
You can read the KPN guarantee by clicking here.
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Wasp Nest Removal
ONLY £65
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In safe hornet & wasp nest removal remedies.
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Read the KPN wasp nest removal guarntee here for 100% satisfaction.
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Wasp Removal
A danger to you, children & pets, remove those wasp nests today.
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Removing a nest can be highly dangerous call now to book your treatment.
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KPN Wasp Nest Removal
are fully licensed & therefore only use professional pesticides allowing us to offer you a genuine 100% guarantee on your wasp control treatments.

Why choose KPN wasp nest removal
KPN have over twenty years of invaluable experience dealing with hornet, bee & wasp nests, all of which can be potentially very dangerous if treated by anyone untrained or inexperienced. Every treatment is carried out by an experienced, highly trained technician & all treatments are guaranteed 100% successful. KPN will only ever charge £65 for a treatment no matter what the size of the nest or where the nest is located. KPN can offer a same day service, seven days a week or at a time that suits you & being Checkatrade members we are happy for you to view previous customer comments regarding the service KPN wasp nest removal has given to them.

KPN wasp nest removal is a VAT registered company, indicating the experience we have controlling nests containing upwards of 20,000 wasps. However, if you are not VAT registered then we will incur the VAT for you, so you only ever pay the £65 quoted. Experience really is essential when determining which method of wasp control to use & how the insecticide should be correctly administered in order to help protect the environment & keep you, your family & pets safe.

Keeping you & your family safe!
Google There are many treatments available to treat wasp, bee & hornet nests but an experienced technician can decide which form of action is best to take. Some insecticides can be harmful to birds, bats & fish if they are not applied correctly & can also cause wasps to become extremely agitated. KPN only use pesticides that contain anaesthetic, so instead of aggravating the wasps, the treatment will actually calm & sedate them & for that reason KPN will never cause a swarm or attack, thus keeping you & your family safe at all times.

A 100% GUARANTEED SERVICE Find us on Google+ Every single treatment applied by KPN wasp nest removal comes with a genuine 100% guarantee. An hour or two after a nest has been treated there will be very little if any wasp activity remaining, we ask for you to leave the nest for 48 hours to ensure any foraging wasps have returned
to the nest but if for any reason after this time there is any wasp activity still remaining then KPN will return free of charge & re-treat the nest for you.

Satisfied customers of KPN

KPN wasp nest removal pride themselves on their friendly approach and professionalism & are members of Checkatrade.com, one of the largest and most trusted feedback sites in the south-east. Hundreds of previous customers have left their reviews about the service we provided for them & that they would recommend us to friends & family. Customer recommendation is invaluable & for that reason KPN, who strive to ensure customer satisfaction, are happy to have all reviews publically shown. If you would like to read the feedback for KPN please visit www.checkatrade.com/kpn.

"Wasp Nest Removal professionally & totally destroyed"

Wasp nest removal Recommendation KPN have supplied a link to genuine customers who have offered their views on the services we provided for them. Price! KPN offer a very competitive price for wasp nest removal and will never charge more than stated & any secondary or multiple nests are only ever charged at a 50% reduction. KPN also incur the VAT for you..

KPN Pest Control Croydon & all areas

The only aspect of Pest Control that KPN Wasp Nest Removal carries out are Wasp nest, Hornet nest & bee treatments. We do not offer any other forms of pest control; however, we have created a pest control contacts page where we have listed recommended pest controllers who can deal with all other pest and vermin problems. These pest controllers are not part of KPN and would need to be contacted directly. All details including website, contact number and areas covered can be found on the contacts page.

Bee Swarm Removal Surrey
If you have bees around your home or garden then you will need to call our specialist bees nest removal sercive at KPN. Please do not arrange to have these bees destroyed until we can ascertain what type of bees they are. Bees are in decline and can be a problem if nesting about your home. We have a special bee information page giving the reasons why bees are so important and also understand that bees can become a real nuisance especially for those with allergies or young children. Please call our Bees Nest removal team on 01737 300 393

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KPN are not a call centre and all KPN treatments are conducted by fully trained KPN wasp control professionals. However, KPN can recommend some other pest control technicians in other areas.

Please follow the link to the areas page.